matryo bowls

about slipcasting
Slipcasting is a process that involves poring liquid clay - slip - into plaster molds. I make the original piece out of clay, then from that piece I will cast a plaster mold for slip, or make a rubber mold if I am going to be casting cement. The slip is poured into and out of the mold three or four times to build up the surface thickness. Then it is left to dry slightly and carefully de-molded one side at a time, then left to dry thorougly. The piece is then cleaned up of its registration marks and fired in the kiln as greenware. It is glazed and fired again to finish the piece. I use earthenware slip, which is a low fire clay for the pieces. I have also made custom pieces such as a funerary box, a decorative plate for a wood stove, as well as custom molds for sets of matching goblets and coffee mugs.